About Us
Dipol Group has transferred its energy and earnings into different sectors by using its knowledge and experience. Dipol Group is a company group that has adopted entrepreneurial business structure with its partners and companies that it owns.
This unity and energy focus aims to provide its country external and internal contributions with its education participation at 2018 and international trade at 2019. Its growing structure and increasing potential started with a single company and reached four sectors, an investment - business partnership and five companies.
Dipol Group has the excitement and happines of sharing the knowledge and experience, expert staff, companies, and stores that gained since 2009 with you. Dipol Group has become an important player in the market in a short period of time with determination and special emphasis on quality. The constant principles of our company are always the quality and satisfaction of our business partners. The guarantee of continuity in success is quality and honesty in service. Dipol group will continue to provide services today, tomorrow and always with this principle
Our Quality Policy
To be a brand that attaches importance to human and moral values, solution oriented to customer expectations, adapts rapidly to the new technologic innovations required by construction and food sector, aims for long and lasting cooperation with its customers, sensitive to enviroment, respects and abides the laws, to be a pioneer and confidently preferred in the sector.
Service Policy
Dipol Group sees itself as a solution provider in the construction sector. What is important in Dipol Group is to produce efficient engineering solutions by planning according to customer requests and to go beyond customer expectations with the service provided. . It realizes with the standard that complies with European norms with an approach that values the environment.
Our Employee Policy
As Dipol Group, it is essential to continuously increase employee quality and satisfaction. We follow a policy that shares its success with its employees and aims to develop employees personally and professionaly.
Customer Policy
Win-Win. We know that, best trade is the one where both side wins. For Dipol Group, gaining customer trust comes before all gains. Dipol Group’s basic customer policy is to share the knowledge and experience it continuously develops, to manage customer relations while knowing the importance of honest and mutual trust, always smile and make the customer smile. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] for detailed information about your complaints and suggestions or to learn about quality management system.